Thursday, April 18, 2024
Praise and Worship

Forget Not His Benefits

The book of Psalm 103: 1-22 reminds us to praise the Lord at all times and not forget his deeds.

Praise the Lord and forget not his benefits, for all wonderful things he has done. He forgives sins, he heals diseases, he redeems lives, he crowns us with love and compassion, he satisfies our desires with good things, and he renews our youth like that of the eagles.

He made known his ways and deeds to the children of Israel while in the wilderness. He can also make known his ways and deeds to us.

God is compassion and gracious, he’s slow to anger and abounding in love. He doesn’t accuse or harbor anger forever but forgives sins. He doesn’t repay us according to our iniquities or sins. He doesn’t treat us as our sins deserve.

As high are the heavens above the earth is same for those who love and fear him. He’s full of compassion.

Everything will pass away but his word never changes. It stays the same. Praise the Lord with all you have. All his works (creation). Everywhere in his dominion, let us make every effort to praise the Lord at all times.

Life is always changing around us but God remains the same. He can be trusted to keep his promise. His faithfulness and love can be counted on from generation to generation. Rely on God’s love and faithfulness.

There are many reasons to praise the Lord. Praising the Lord is an act of worship. It’s a call to worship. Praise has to take place in one’s ‘own’ heart and then expressed outwardly.

Honor and praise the Lord from the depths of your own heart. Praise the Lord my soul. Vs 22.

Lift up Praise unto our God. Keep your praises lifted up always. Praise him in all seasons. In good times and in bad times. Make it a habit to praise the Lord.

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