Thursday, July 18, 2024
Praise and Worship

Worship the Lord with Gladness

How has been your worship before the Lord? Do you enjoy spending time in his presence worshipping him? I always look forward to that moment whereby I render worship to my God. Worship is not just a time of singing but also, giving thanks for the things the Lord has done for us. A time of celebration, jubilation and a time to look forward with gladness to worship him. “Worship the Lord with gladness and come before him with joyful songs.” (Ps 100:2).  When you worship with gladness; it becomes a time of reverence, rejoicing, happiness, joy and a special occasion to honor the Lord our Maker.

Worshipping the Lord should make everyone glad. Despite life situations, we should be glad when we come into his presence to worship him and look forward to that moment with zealousness and enthusiasm. There are people who don’t have the abilities to do anything maybe due to ill-health or they may have never discovered the real truth about worshipping God. But we have every reason to be glad for the opportunity to worship him. For those of us who know God, let us make him known to others through our worship. Praise God for his greatness and for all the things he does for our lives. Where there is joy and gladness, sorrow or sighing flee away. Gladness gives the heart joy and every part of your being can move forward to serving God and others. You become free from anything that hinders your worship service before the Lord. It gives one delight to offer worship with gladness other than been forced by circumstances or situations.

Worship the Lord with gladness and give thanks to him; for he is good and his love endures forever. God restores the fortunes of his people and delights in their well-being. God makes the crooked paths straight, takes away sadness and instils joy in our lives as we worship him with gladness.


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